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There are currently over 15,000 CrossFit facilities in over 150 countries across the world. There are many reasons why CrossFit is so popular. But one of the main reasons is because CrossFit works and it works well.


The science behind CrossFit workouts is based on constantly varied movements that range all across the human power output spectrum - rowing, running, Olympic lifts, gymnastics, box jumps, rope climbs, wall balls, kettlebells, ski ergs, dumbbells, burpees, biking, and much much more. Every workout called a "WOD" (which stands for Workout of the Day) is unique and varied.

CrossFit is for anyone looking to get in great shape and reach their fitness goals. CrossFit welcomes people of all ages and they are all part of the community! You don't have to be an elite athlete to do CrossFit, anyone can do it. Our scholarships provide at-risk youth with full access to unlimited weekly CrossFit classes. 

To learn more about CrossFit watch the following videos:

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