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Although we have a large group of individuals to choose from as Mentors, we always welcome new applications for future Mentors as we expand our program to more youth. All Mentors must possess the following:


  • Have a strong passion to want to be a positive example in a youth's life


  • Be willing to dedicate time outside of the CrossFit box to interact with a scholarship recipient 


  • Help with physical fitness training and healthy behavior habits alongside coaches


  • Foster a positive attitude and friendship with the youth and possess the ability to understand the social-economic complexities these youth experience on a daily basis


  • Meet at scheduled workout times to participate in CrossFit WODs with the youth


  • Be someone a youth can trust, talk to, rely on, and seek for guidance and mentorship


  • Share your dedication and commitment to physical fitness with the youth 


  • Be a role model at the CrossFit facility and in life 


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of the qualities and characteristics we seek in Mentors. However, we do seek the best Mentors who will be dedicated throughout the semester, focused on being a happy and friendly face for our youths to look for every time they arrive at the CrossFit box.


The couple of hours a week you spend CrossFitting and mentoring a youth can completely change their lives for many years to come. And that is our goal and hope for this program! 


If you would like to apply to be a Mentor, please email:

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